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February/March 2014
Volume 10.  Number 2.  Issue 75


Jupiter Since Galileo
In recent years, amateur astronomers have made many of the biggest discoveries on the solar system's biggest planet.
By Dean Regas


News Notes

  • Russian Fireball Fragment Found
  • Mars Orbiters Launch
  • Rock Sprouts Tails

and more...

5 Years Ago
By Greg Bryant

Intertwined Lives: Brahe and Kepler
By David Ellyard

Cosmic Relief
Search for Intelligent Worlds
By David Grinspoon

Watery Asteroid Gobbled up by a White Dwarf
How will future alien scientists know whether life existed in our solar system?
By Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer

Born In Fire
Massive star births are rarely witnessed by astronomers, yet understanding their formation provides the key to understanding life on Earth.
By Tui Britton

The Frozen Neutrino Catcher
A gargantuan observatory hidden beneath a kilometre of ice looks for signals from some of the universe's speediest particles.
By Govert Schilling

Tuning in to Radio Jupiters
The race is on to find the first radio waves from a world beyond our solar system.
By Yvette Cendes



AS&T Test Report - Meade's LX850 Astro-Imaging System
Can this mount's fulltime automatic autoguiding make everyone a deep-sky astrophotographer?
By Dennis di Cicco

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In This Section

Binocular Highlight
The Hare's Messier
By Gary Seronik

Tonight's Sky
Brilliance by the Numbers
By Fred Schaaf

Sun, Moon, and Planets
Venus and Mercury Shine at Dawn
By Greg Bryant

Celestial Calendar
A Quartet of Faint Comets
By David Seargent

Celestial Calendar
HR Carinae
By Alan Plummer

Celestial Calendar
Daytime Saturn
By Steve Kerr

Exploring The Moon
Shallow Surprises
By Charles A. Wood

Exploring The Solar System
Spy Surface Markings on Jupiter's Moons
By Thomas Dobbins

Double Star Notes
Doubles in the Twins
By Ross Gould

Bark with the Overdog
By Sue French

Deep Sky Delights
A Bundle of Wonders in Puppis
By Les Dalrymple


Naked-Eye Nova Shines in Delphinus
Professionals and amateurs are following Nova Delphini 2013.
By Robert Naeye

StarFest in the Warrumbungles
Coonabarabran celebrates astronomy in style.
By Amanda Bauer

Image Processing with CCDStack 2
Improve your deep-sky images with this innovative program.
By Bob Fera

Telescope Workshop
A Retracting Refractor
By Gary Seronik

Gallery - The David Malin Awards


By Jove!
By Greg Bryant

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Focal Point
With My Own Eyes
By Thomas Watson